Chairman's Message

Dear Student,

RIHM is now a decode old venture. It has taken a huge stride in the last few tears to establish itself a forerunner in the field of hospitality education. Our endeavors have attracted the attention of a very large number of students aspiring to be a part of the hospitality world. In today's scenario when demand from the hospitality sector is huge and soaring in all dimensions, RIHM stands well ahead in fulfilling this demand in an effective manner.

We at the RIHM welcome those who wish to take a hospitality as a career as well as those who intend taking a plunge into this sector to branch out subsequently, in an atmosphere most conductive to hospitality education.As things stand, the twenty first century will be dominated by the people with high caliber managerial skills. It is our resolve to prepare competent young managers capable of performing this awesome task in the hospitality related sectors as through professionals.

RIHM Dehradun



Shri Ram institute of Hotel Management is Affiliated to Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University.

Institute of Food Craft Technology (IFCT) offering One Year Programme under the aegis of SNMES which is Approved By The Govt. Of Uttarakhand.


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