Bartending Course In Dehradun

Whether you’re looking for a career, planning to travel, need a way to pay for school, or simply wish to supplement your income, bartending just might be for you. Imagine yourself working in the world's most exciting and dynamic industry. Meet new people. Make new friends, and best of all, earn great money while you do it.

Gain the competitive edge you need to get the best shifts and make the most money. RIHM’s industry leading Bartender Certifcation program in Dehradun will give you both the training and knowledge you need to be successful. This program gives you instant experience and allows you to work in all types of environments including bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Our bartending course in dehradun focuses equally on all beverage categories through a series of tastings modules and practical skills training. You'll taste and learn how to prepare and pour over 60 different spirits, wines, beers, liqueurs and cocktails as part of your training, to get a true sense of each brands' specific taste profile and makeup, making you more knowledgeable than most working bartenders.

We'll also educate you on most up-to-date customer service and selling techniques to help you maximize your tips and increase customer loyalty, putting more money in your pocket. Come find out what makes a RIHM graduate more employable to the industry's top bar, club, pub and restaurant operators, and join the thousands of other bartenders who started right here at the RIHM.

Offers Bartending course in Cocktails, Mocktails and Flairing

Courses offered:

  • Advance Diploma in Bartending – 6 months
  • Certificate Course in Bartending - 3 months

Course Highlights:

  • Fast pace Cocktails, mocktails and flair practical.
  • 100% training and placement after completion.
  • Regular personality development classes.
  • Day, evening and weekend classes.
  • Daily Lunch.

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“ We believe in quality and creativity”

At RIHM's Bartending Course in Dehradun students utilize their maximum training time in learning the art of mixing drinks in our fully equipped state of the art Bar. We have designed the curriculum so that students inculcate all the necessary skills to become job ready bartenders and mixologists.

Why Bartending?

If you’re a people person with a happy-to-help attitude and hard working, then you can excel in this profession. The bar and club industry is a $24 billion industry. Bartenders are in demand round the clock and there are plenty of job opportunities both locally and globally. Bartenders mix and serve drinks in a wide variety of establishments. You can find bartender work at cruise liners, taverns, pubs, clubs, restaurants, concert halls, catering events, hotels, resorts, and other drinking establishments. There’s no shortage of work opportunities for a qualified bar tender. The benefits of taking our course is that you can work through the course on your own time and at your own pace.

What type of courses are available in Bartending?

Advanced Course in Bartending

This is one of its kind bartending course in dehradun that has been carefully designed to give you the confidence, skills and knowledge you need to step up to any bartending job you want. Our experienced and award winning trainers teach you all you need to know about bartending, cocktail making, mixology and spirit knowledge.

After successfully completing the bartending course, it serves as an outstanding qualification on your CV and portfolio, which gives a great start to your bartending career.

What are the highlights of the Bartending Course?

  • Learn how to make the classic cocktail recipes
  • Increase confidence behind the bar
  • Expand cocktail and bartending skills
  • Master speed and efficiency behind the bar
  • Get expert spirit knowledge
  • Printed textbook and handouts included
  • Audio visual classroom sessions to help you understand better
  • Extra training sessions for those who want to excel in the art of flair
  • Improve your over all personality with regular PDP sessions.
  • Plenty of training and placement opportunities in top Bar and clubs locally and internationally

Certificate Course in Bartending

An inspirational and knowledge-packed 3 months bartending course in dehradun for those who are already a part of the hospitality industry, where you learn to master practical skills, get in-depth mixology skills and become a true master bartender. After successfully completing the course it will serve as an outstanding qualification on your CV. You will develop the skills to work in the worlds' leading cocktail bars.

What are the highlights of the Bartending Course?

  • Learn how to make high-end cocktails
  • Learn how to work as a master bartender
  • Expand your cocktail and bartending skills
  • Get to know the latest trends in cocktails and bartending
  • Become a true mixologist
  • Printed textbook and handouts included.


How much do bartenders earn?

There is a wide range of salaries in this profession. A professional Bartender earns salary and tips. The amounts of money bartenders earn depend on three things. Their customer service skills, the number of customers they serve, and if they like dealing with the public. As time passes and you gain more experience you expect to make a handsome amount.

Yes and we also use the highest quality of bar syrups, cordials & other ingredients for training.

Special schedules can be worked out for a group of minimum five students.

Don’t worry. You can avail extra classes at no additional charge. We want you to be totally confident in your bartending skills.Though if you miss classes twice, then we can appoint a mentor.

We assist is providing on hand practical exposure so that students get placed as soon as they feel confident as a professional bartender. Many students are out interviewing for jobs while attending classes and many students usually have jobs lined up before they finish the course.

Yes, of course we have an excellent job placement service whose only objective is to obtain a bartending job for you.

Yes, you can use the placement service whenever you need it. Our lifetime placement service is available FREE to all students who pass out.

In our experience, reputation and results set us apart from others. We urge you to visit our website first to see why our prestigious clientele has chosen us. Moreover, we emphasise more on practical sessions and will provide the students with complimentary lunch.

Moreover we emphasize more on practical sessions and will provide the students with complimentary Lunch.

Yes, the practice kit provides the right tools for the right job. That is why our bartending lab is set up like actual bars--it allows the students to practice their drinks. We will provide all the registered students with the basic Bar Tending Kit.

We have a separate Flair room and a state of the art Bar which is specially dedicated to provide bar students with practical behind the bar working exposure. We also have audio-visual aided classrooms for theory classes.

Since most bars will not let you learn on the job, you will need to hone your skills on your own prior to beginning your job search. Our comprehensive bartending course will provide you with both the knowledge and skills you need to become a bartender. Our bartending course instruction covers station facilities, equipment, proper glassware, opening and closing the bar, the cash register, customer service, mixing and pouring techniques, liquor, beer, wine, martinis, manhattans, traditional drinks, creams, champaign cocktails, drinks on the rocks, classics, topical drinks, hot drinks, café drinks and much more.

If you want to become a bartender, one certification that you should have under your belt is the bartender certification that an established bar tending school offers upon course completion. When you're going out to find a job, it is always better that there are skills up your sleeve that will support your credibility and make it easier for the employer to choose you. Certifications alert your prospective employer of your abilities and potential and will make an impression on them. Remember that in this world today, it does not matter what you know, but rather what you can prove you know. Any evidence you have, such as diplomas, recommendation will help you.

The purpose of a bartender certification is to be able to quickly show other people that the holder, whose name is written on the certificate, has successfully accomplished a certain course and will imply that the person has the knowledge, skills and abilities of a professional bartender.

No, no state in India requires a bartending certificate to bartend. However, with the completion of our course you will gain the knowledge you need to be a competent bartender behind the bar. Additionally, having the skills acquired from our extensive training will give you an advantage when competing with applicants that do not have such training.

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