Which course is better between photography or Hotel Management?

Which course is better between photography or Hotel Management?

Ans. Well it is always good to follow your passion, but one has to understand the difference between a passion and a career. People who love to travel a lot and enjoy interacting with others choose hotel management and photography as they have their own way of looking at the world. You can take photography as your passion but you can kick start your career by choosing hotel management as hospitality and tourism sector have a lot more to offer in terms of growth and a stable career choice.

One should go for a hotel management course first because photography is a short term course and hotel management is a professional  course that will add value to your future and a more stable source of income. You will learn a lot during this course theoretically as well as practically as it gives you an option to choose your career in any of the four core departments i.e 

Food production :- It is related to kitchen. It has cooking, cold section, bakery, carving, etc.

Food and Beverage service :- This subject include service of food and beverage to customers, bartending, mixology of mocktails and cocktails, lounge and restaurant related jobs.

Front Office :- This includes guest handling, maintaining guest relations, providing information regarding hotel products and services to guests, etc.

Housekeeping :- Related to cleaning of hotel and guest rooms, laundry, flower arrangement, decoration etc.

Moreover if you are interested in photography which obviously makes you more creative and imaginative, also you enjoy presenting things visually this quality will help you grow in the hotel industry which demands such kind of potential candidates.

Hotel management courses in uttarakhand have emerged as the most promising career choices in the recent past, a stable career, lucrative salary and possibilities of working with world renowned brands both nationally as well as internationally.

In the end you can pursue Hotel management course and learn photography as well, you can run both hand in hand and fulfil your dream.