Can we do hotel management with any stream in Canada?

Can we do hotel management with any stream in Canada?

Ans. In order to be a successful hotelier, your field of study at school level does not make any difference. Whether you have done your schooling from Humanities (Arts), Science or Commerce will not make any difference in order for you to be successful and make a bright future  in the field of Hotel Management. Even the board from which you have done your schooling will not matter at all.

It is important here to understand the qualities one should have to excel in this field :-

Commitment :  It is important for you to be committed  to your hotel management job. To successfully carry out the responsibilities, you should devote yourself to ensure the guest’s satisfaction and happiness.

Interpersonal Skills : According to an old saying, “ Customer is the King”. It means that you should be customer-oriented, by putting their interest on priority and living up to their expectations. To give the best experience for the guests ,you should demonstrate both professionally sound and pleasing oral and written communication skills.

Listening Skills : Being a hospitality professional  requires you be a good listener. By paying attention to your guests, you will get better understanding of what they want to convey. It becomes more vital when they speak in different language, as you have to know non-verbal communication too.

Technology savvy : The world is changing and hospitality is no exception. You should equip yourself with good computer skills and familiarise yourself with good computer skills and familiarise yourself with new applications used in the hotel industry.

Flexibility : To succeed in the demanding industry, you should  adopt a flexible and adaptable attitude. When something unexpected arises, you should be able to deal with it in versatile manner and find the best way out.

Teamwork : Highly-effective  hospitality professional knows how to  work and cooperate with other team members to achieve the business goals, they understand the value of good team work and mutual contributions. You should understand your own role, while supporting your co-workers and taking active participation in the team.

Leadership : A successful  Hospitality professional  demonstrates strong leadership skills. They must be able to lead the team in certain projects and make sure that the operations runs efficiently.

An Eye for Detail : It is vital for hospitality professional to have an eye for detail. You should do through and careful examination of the job assigned to you or assigned by you, since even the slightest mistake might result in guest’s dissatisfaction. Additionally, you should master the art of multitasking to juggle between one task and the other smoothly. 

To sum up it is important to understand that in order to be successful in the field of hotel management one should love to take challenges and get right direction in order to be successful. 

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